Discover Customer Service Review

These days, financial companies need to have impeccable customer service. Not only are there a significant amount of competitors, but consumers now go to social media to air their grievances. With this in mind, it’s important for financial companies to take the time to listen to their customers and serve them well.
One financial company that has a particularly good customer service reputation is Discover.

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Discover’s customer service reputation
Discover has an award-winning customer service team and is known for high customer satisfaction rates. It has won numerous industry awards and has been in the top rankings on several customer satisfaction surveys in recent years. It ranked high in several studies, multiple years in a row, which indicates a continued dedication to customers.
Below are some examples of recent praise and awards Discover earned:

Discover ranked the highest among 10 credit card companies in the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study .
Discover ranked second-highest among 12 credit card companies in the J.D. Power 2017 Credit Card Satisfaction Study .
Discover was named the leading credit card brand, along with American Express, in Brand Keys’ 2017 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.
Discover Bank ranked second in customer satisfaction among nine U.S. direct banks, in the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Direct Banking Satisfaction Study .
Discover Card’s mobile app was ranked first among nine credit card apps in the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Credit Card App Satisfaction Study .

What’s impressive about this list is that Discover wins awards in multiple categories. Not only does the financial industry recognize its excellence with credit cards and banking, but it also gets top honors in new customer service categories, like with its mobile app.

How Discover compares
Although Discover ranked the highest in customer satisfaction with credit card users in J.D. Power’s 2016 rankings, it came in second place behind American Express in 2017.
Still, Discover has several standout features when compared with other major financial companies, especially with its app. You can communicate with Discover’s customer service team through the app 24/7. Another noteworthy feature is that you can “freeze” your account through the app if you lose your card. Discover also touts its 100 percent U.S.-based customer service, though the effect that has on the bank’s customer service quality is hard to measure.
Also, Discover is what’s called a branchless bank, which means there are no physical locations. Among branchless banks, Capital One 360 ranks the highest in customer satisfaction, whereas Discover Bank ranks second, followed by E*TRADE Bank. J.D. Power noted in its direct banking study. (The rankings in this category were extremely close.)
However, if you’re the kind of person who likes the ability to go into a bank branch to resolve account issues, this sort of bank structure may not appeal to you.

How to get in touch with Discover customer service
You can get in touch with Discover customer service in the following ways:
Payment Address
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 6103
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103
Customer Service – General Inquiries
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 30943
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943
Discover Gift Cards
P.O. Box 52145
Phoenix, AZ 85027-2145
U.S. Calls
Outside U.S. Calls
TDD (for the hearing impaired)
Live chat
In order to speak to a Discover customer service representative via live chat, you need to log into your account first on the top right of the Discover homepage .
There are also numerous places where you can get help with specific Discover products. Find answers to frequently asked questions, redeem rewards, learn how to find out your FICO score and more at the links below.

Credit Card Help Center Make payments, register your account,
report a lost or stolen card, activate your card, get a cash advance,
live chat, call 24 hours a day

Credit Resource Center Read content about credit card tips, credit health, saving money,
debt management, credit scores, budgeting, and more.

Banking Help Center A homepage that lists several different ways to contact
Discover to talk about their banking products, like opening an
account or reporting fraudulent activity.

Home Equity Help Center Use this page to access financial calculators, learn how you can use
your home equity, find loans and rates, and of course apply
for a home equity loan.

Student Loans Help Use this page to log into your student loan account and email
Discover specific questions. You can also use this page to pay your
student loans, learn how to apply for student loans, and access student
loan calculators.

Personal Loans Help Use this page to find out the types of personal loans Discover offers.
You can also access resources, calculators, make payments, and see
if you qualify for a personal loan in just a few minutes
(with no impact to your credit score.)

Business Card Help This page leads to the same general “Credit Card Help Center”
page mentioned above.

Gift Card Help You can use this page to get contact information related to
Discover gift cards. You can also activate the card, check your balance,
and see a list of FAQs.

Discover card options to consider
Discover has several different credit card options to consider. Below are some of the most popular Discover it cards.
Keep in mind that one of the best perks among these cards is no annual fee . Additionally, there is significant protection for shopping and purchases. For example, Discover covers your purchases up to $500 if they are stolen or damaged. It also offers extended product warranties and will refund the difference if you find a lower price on one of your purchases elsewhere within 90 days.
Discover it® 18-Month Balance Transfer Card
The best part of this card is definitely the introductory 18-month balance transfer offer. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a 3 percent fee on the transfer, but then you get 0 percent interest for 18 months. This card is best for people with good credit scores who want to get out of credit card debt. Keep in mind you cannot transfer a balance from another Discover card to this card. You can read our full review here .
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Discover it® Secured Card
This credit card is for people who have no credit or bad credit. Cardholders put down a minimum deposit of $200 to secure a credit line so they can work on improving their credit scores. There is no annual fee but there is a high APR, which should not be a problem if you pay your card off every month. The card stands out from other secured cards in that it offers rewards and automatic account reviews after eight months, to see if you can “upgrade” to an unsecured credit card and get your deposit back. You can read our full review here .
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Discover it® Miles
Like the other Discover cards on this list, this card comes with no annual fee. The biggest benefit is that you’ll earn 1.5 points on every dollar you spend, which you can use toward travel. This card is best for those who love to travel and would rather all of their points go toward that. What sets it apart from other popular travel credit cards is that Discover will also match all of the miles you earn at the end of your first year.
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Discover it® chrome
This card is similar to other Discover cards except it’s perfect for people who enjoy dining out. Discover will give you 2 percent cash back at restaurants and gas stations up to $1,000 in combined purchases every quarter — no sign-ups required. Plus, it’ll automatically match all the cash back you earn at the end of your first year. Like the others, there is no annual fee.
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To see other types of Discover credit cards and find the one that fits you best, check out all of the Discover cards , which includes student cards. Don’t forget you can also get your FICO score for free.
Check out all the other cardmember benefits here .

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