The Perfect Sofa for Every Style and Budget

I remember very clearly the feeling of sticker shock I had the first time I went furniture shopping. All I kept thinking was, “Why is furniture so dang expensive?”
Having moved several times since that first furniture shopping experience, I can now see exactly why furniture can be costly – it takes a beating! No other piece of furniture gets quite the amount of wear-and-tear as your sofa.
Whether you’re looking to make an investment or trying to find something that’s good quality with a reasonable price point, we’ve got you covered!
Midcentury Modern
If you have an appreciation for vintage decor but love a modern twist, a midcentury modern style sofa might be right up your alley.
Midcentury modern furniture is known for graphic shapes and wooden touches. When shopping for a sofa, try to find one with clean lines, rounded edges and graphic wooden legs, like a peg leg.

Save: Adrienne Sleeper Sofa
Splurge: Crosby Midcentury Sofa
Traditional styles are great investment pieces because they never go out of fashion. A traditional sofa will transition well between different styles and trends as your design aesthetic evolves.
Some traditional elements to look for are plush seats (making it really comfortable), subtle colors and patterns, and elegant details, like a rolled sofa arm.

Save: Serta Carlisle 85-inch Sofa with Pleated Arms
Splurge: Cameron Roll Arm Upholstered Sofa
La vie Boheme!
Bohemian style is characterized by its eclectic and global flair. Colorful touches, ornate carvings and hand-made elements set this style apart from the rest.
When looking for a bohemian sofa, a daybed with a wooden frame feels very boho and you can add plenty of pillows to add to the eclectic feel.

Save: Peyton Sofa
Splurge: Dhurrie Grand Sofa
Coastal décor is almost synonymous with nautical . Would you see it in a beach house? Then you’re on the right track.
Modern coastal décor strays from the traditional anchor or beach prints and instead ties in a beachy feel with wicker, whites and light blues. You can tie in some of those more nautical or sandy touches with pillows and other décor pieces.

Save: DecoMode 3 Piece Hyacinth Sofa
Splurge: Paget Sofa
Contemporary furniture is modern and urban. It ties in harder materials like chrome, strong colors and bold geometric shapes.
Contemporary sofas are often angular and sharp. Look for fabrics that complement those edges, like leather and microfibers.

Save: Rhett Modular Loveseat and Ottoman Sleeper
Splurge: Modern Black Contemporary Two-Tone Microbfiber and Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa
Unique, funky and playful designs go hand-in-hand with eclectic furniture. If you’re not afraid to have some fun, then this style might be right for you.
When shopping for an eclectic sofa, look for bright colors, playful patterns and unexpected shapes.

Save: Creeves Velvet Sofa
Splurge: Liberty for Anthropologie Geo Paradise Garden Angelina Sofa
A classic French-inspired sofa is sheer elegance. If you’re looking to elevate the style in your room, a French sofa is a quick way to do it.
When looking for French sofas, seek out woods that have been whitewashed or subtly distressed, gold touches and ornate shapes.

Save: William Settee
Splurge: Eloquence Vintage Settee
Minimalist design strips away anything unnecessary and delivers clean, sleek lines – but don’t be fooled. Just because it’s a minimal design, doesn’t mean there’s a minimal price tag.
Minimal home décor is trending right now, and a lot of it is fairly timeless since it’s so clean and simple. The high demand and versatility of these pieces can drive up the price tag, but there are still some great deals to be found.

Save: Karlstad
Splurge: Eddy Sofa
Glamorous furniture usually has a posh look to it. You’ll notice luxurious fabrics like velvet and fur.
Metallic details like gold legs or studs also add to a glamorous feeling.

Save: Art Decorative Sofa
Splurge: Athena 55-inch Loveseat
If you find home on the range (or just dream of it), a western style is perfect for you.
Brown or tan leather is the perfect foundation for the western sofa of your dreams. Try looking for leathers that have been distressed to give them that rustic feel. If there is any hardware on the sofa, opt for brass or tarnished metals to keep it feeling ruggedly western.

Save: Right2Home Rustic Walnut Faux Leather 2 Cushion Sofa
Splurge: Hooker Furniture Malawi Tonga Stationary Sofa
What’s your favorite sofa style? Share your pick in the comment section.

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