LendKey Student Loan Refinance Review

Updated August 8, 2017
Could you imagine trying to find the best student loan refinancing rate from community banks and credit unions on your own? How would you do it? Would you call every bank and credit union and ask for help? What a nightmare.
[LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] has relationships with 300+ community banks and credit unions all over the United States. [LendKeySL] LendKey *[/LendKeySL] can issue loans to residents in any of the 50 states. This keeps you from having to pound the pavement by your lonesome. [LendKeySL]LendKey’s[/LendKeySL] website will show you the best rate for refinancing your student loans.
Since 2007, [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] has been a one stop shop for student loan refinancing. It also offers other types of loans. But for the sake of this review we’ll be focusing on how [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] takes care of graduates looking to improve their debt situation. [LendKeySLAPR]Fixed APRs range from 3.25% – 7.26%. Variable rates start as low as 2.67%[/LendKeySLAPR]. (All of these rates include the auto-pay discount). [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] is one of the top four lenders in MagnifyMoney’s survey of where to refinance your student loan .
Who can benefit from using [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL]? Anyone hoping to refinance their student loans should consider [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL]. It is easy to apply:
If you’re on the fence about refinancing, here are some of the benefits to be gained:
Lower Payments
Refinance your way to a more manageable monthly payment.
Lower Rates
Spend less on interest by getting a lower rate than the aggregate of all individual student loans.
Simplified Finances
Making payments on multiple loans to multiple institutions at different times of the month can be quite the hassle. It’s much easier to remember just one payment. Many lenders even let you consolidate both private and federal loans.
Different Repayment Options
Different lenders offer different repayment options. It’s wise to explore all the options to determine what makes the most sense for your particular situation.
Pros of Using [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL]
A Unified Application Process
This is hugely important. With [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL], you’re not shuffled through tons of screens on different domains – all using different logons and different (confusing!) user interfaces. Within 5 minutes, a person can navigate through [LendKeySL]LendKey’s[/LendKeySL] application process. This means after 5 minutes, you can see how much you can save by refinancing. You can even choose what loan you want.
Cosigner Release Available
Yes, you can secure a low interest rate and then cut loose your cosigner. Once you prove you are responsible – [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] no longer needs a cosigner tied to your account. This may help convince a cosigner to work with you initially. They won’t need to be on the hook for long. Once you’ve made 12 full and consecutive on-time payments, your cosigner may be released. [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] does a credit check and examines your income to see if you are free to go it alone.
[LendKeySLOrgFee]No Origination Fee[/LendKeySLOrgFee]
This is helpful since it means you are free to shop around without feeling committed.
Further Interest Rate Reduction
1% interest rate reduction once 10% of the loan principal is repaid during the full repayment period. This is subject to the floor rate.
0.25% ACH Interest Rate Reduction
Many lenders reduce interest rates by a quarter percent for borrowers who agree to automatic payments.
Federal and Private Loans Can Be Consolidated Together
However, you lose some federal benefits in doing so. Things like free insurance (provided with federal loans if you are killed or severely disabled), public service forgiveness and military service forgiveness as well as income-based repayment plans. Grace periods will likely be omitted when writing the new consolidated loan.
Over 40,000 Borrowers Serviced
As of January 2016, 40,000 people have used [LendKeySL]LendKey’s[/LendKeySL] services.
Excellent Customer Support
According to cuStudentLoans (which [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] owns so take this with a grain of salt), 97% of customers are satisfied. Customer support comes out of New York and Ohio. Phone support is available each day from 9AM to 8PM EST.
For what it’s worth, I called into support 5 times at random. The support I received from the sales team was really great. Even the gentleman with only 6 months of experience was quite knowledgeable.
Eligible Schools
This list of eligible schools is 2,200 and growing. Chances are your school is on the list. However, [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] doesn’t encourage students to submit eligibility requests as other student loan refinancers do.
Return Policy
Yes, you can ‘return’ your loan. [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] offers a 30 day no-fee return policy to allow you to cancel the loan within 30 days of disbursement without fees or interest. That’s pretty incredible.
[LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] Doesn’t Give You the Complete Picture
[LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] doesn’t help a lot with stacking institutions against each other. I suppose this is meant to not to play favorites. However, it would be nice to be able to read about each institution within the [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] interface. I’d still advise opening up another tab to research the banks you are considering.
The Fine Print You May Miss
Since [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] is a loan matchmaker, there isn’t a lot of fine print on the site. This means a person still needs to review the fine print of each institution before finalizing his or her loan as mentioned before. [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] does a fantastic job of getting you 90% of the way. But that last 10% of fine print is between you and your lending institution. Read through everything before signing up for a new loan.
I read the Better Business Bureau complaint log for [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL]. There are only 11 complaints in the past 3 years. SoFi (a competitor) has 18 and another competitor, [EarnestSL]Earnest[/EarnestSL], has no complaints. These complaints were mostly small misunderstandings between the [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] support team and the borrowers.
The Application Process
There are four steps to the simple application process. Step 1 is for estimating monthly payments for a private student loan. It’s simple. You identify the amount you’d like to borrow and fill in a radio button indicating your credit is fair, good, or excellent. The last part is where you enter which state you live in. This is because many programs are state specific. Step 1 takes 1 minute.
Step 2 takes 2 minutes. This is the step where you compare the rates and offers available to you. Choose what works best for your unique situation.
Step 3 again only takes 1 minute. This is the actual application. As mentioned earlier in this article, this process is done through the [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] interface. And don’t worry, information inputted into [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] is safe ( privacy policy ).
Step 4 takes 10 minutes. This is the step where a person verifies identity, school, and income (screenshots/pictures work so there’s no hassle with scanning!). You will know if you are approved during this step.
As with any company, there are competitors. Here are two worthy rivals also worth considering:
Alternatives to [LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL]
[SoFiSL]SoFi[/SoFiSL] stands out with a job placement programs, free wealth management for borrowers and even a dating app. More importantly, [SoFiSL]SoFi[/SoFiSL] has low interest rates, with [SoFiSLAPR]variable rates starting at 2.815% and fixed rates starting at 3.35%[/SoFiSLAPR].
APPLY NOW  Secured on SoFi’s secure website
If you have a low credit score but have potential to earn a good income, [EarnestSL]Earnest[/EarnestSL] will treat you well. [EarnestSL]Earnest[/EarnestSL] looks beyond a simple credit score. The application process examines employment history, future earning potential and overall financial situation.
[EarnestSL]Earnest[/EarnestSL] seems to take a very personal approach to each customer. A customer states an amount they can pay each month and [EarnestSL]Earnest[/EarnestSL] will give them a loan, accordingly. [EarnestSL]Earnest[/EarnestSL] also lets borrowers skip a payment each year. This could come in handy if money gets tight around the holidays. Just keep in mind, this can increase your future payments to compensate for the missed on.
[EarnestSLAPR]Fixed interest rates start at 3.35% and variable interest rates start at 2.81%[/EarnestSLAPR].
However, [EarnestSL]Earnest[/EarnestSL] isn’t available for all US residents.
Final Thoughts
[LendKeySL]LendKey[/LendKeySL] runs a fantastic student loan refinancing division. The company offers many, many customizable options with very few downsides. With no application fee, it’s worth seeing what this student loan refinancing powerhouse can do for you.

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