QuicksilverOne Review: Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back for Average Credit

For people with “average” or “fair” credit, Capital One offers QuicksilverOne Rewards.Every credit card issuer has a different definition of what “average” or “fair” credit means. Generally speaking, it means a FICO score between 580 and 669 .
The QuicksilverOne Rewards card gives you an unlimited 1.5% cash back, which is a pretty sweet opportunity for consumers with less-than-perfect credit.
Just beware of the two catches: There’s a $39 annual fee and a high purchase APR.
APPLY NOW  Secured on Capital One’s secure website QuicksilverOne® Rewards from Capital One Annual fee $39 For First Year $39 Ongoing
Cashback Rate up to 1.5% APR 24.99% Variable Credit required fair-credit Average
In this review, we will cover: QuicksilverOne Card Overview What We Like About This Card What We Don’t Like About This Card Who This Card Is Best For QuicksilverOne Credit Card Benefits Alternatives to the QuicksilverOne Bottom Line FAQ
QuicksilverOne Card Overview
The QuicksilverOne Rewards program is low maintenance.
Unlike other programs with revolving categories and spending caps, this card doesn’t hold you to either. You will earn 1.5% cash back every time you swipe.
You can redeem cash back at any time for a check, account credit, or gift card. Cash back you earn never expires.
What We Like About This Card
No fuss.
We like that the cash back program terms are uncomplicated. There are no preset bonus categories that you have to adapt your spending to each month. You can also redeem cash back at any time without having to wait for the balance to reach a certain threshold.
Low credit score requirement.
The QuicksilverOne is one of the only cash back rewards cards around town for average credit. If you’re having trouble getting approved elsewhere, this is a card you need to seriously consider.
What We Don’t Like About This Card
The annual fee.
Since this card costs $39 per year, you need to spend at least $2,600 per year (or $217 per month) for the cash back to break even with the fee. Ideally, you’ll want to spend more than just the bare minimum for the rewards card to be worthwhile.
High APR.
This is a high interest rate. Avoid carrying a balance at all costs if you choose this card.
Who This Card Is Best For
Again, the QuicksilverOne is our top unlimited cash back pick for consumers who have trouble getting approved for other cash back cards.
According to Capital One, you may qualify for this card if:

You have defaulted on a loan in the past five years
You have limited credit history
You have had your own credit card or other credit for less than three years (this may include students, people new to the U.S., or authorized users on someone else’s credit card)

Keep in mind, these are just guidelines to give you a general sense of whether you’ll qualify. Your income, debt, and other credit limits are also factors used to make a decision.
Capital One has a nice feature where you can get preapproved online for offers without a hard credit inquiry. See if you prequalify for the QuicksilverOne card here .
Keep an eye out for the Quicksilver alternative while checking offers as well.
Quicksilver Rewards is the “big brother” of the QuicksilverOne card. It has no annual fee, and it’s for people with excellent credit. There’s no harm in checking to see if you prequalify for the Quicksilver card.
Is the QuicksilverOne card good for rebuilding credit?
Despite the lenient qualifying criteria, the QuicksilverOne card is not our top recommendation if you’re rebuilding credit, because of the annual fee.
Your focus should be keeping your credit utilization very low when rebuilding credit. You shouldn’t worry about having to earn enough cash back each month to cover a card’s annual fee.
Try a no-fee secured card like the Capital One Secured MasterCard or the Discover it Secured Credit Card instead.
QuicksilverOne Credit Card Benefits
QuicksilverOne offers:

Travel accident insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. Travel insurance for death or loss of limbs. You can call in for help if your car breaks down.
Auto rental insurance. Insurance covers rental damage from collision or theft.
Extended warranty. Purchases made on your card will get an extended warranty.
Price protection. You can get reimbursed the difference if you find items you purchased on sale within 60 days.
Fraud coverage. Covered by $0 fraud liability if your card is lost or stolen.

Alternatives to the QuicksilverOne
QuicksilverOne doesn’t have much competition since it’s the best card for consumers with average credit. The following no-fee cash back cards officially require good to excellent credit but allow you to prequalify without a hard inquiry.
1.5% cash back, no fee
Chase Freedom Unlimited SM Annual fee $0 For First Year $0 Ongoing Cashback Rate 1.5% APR 14.24%-23.24% LEARN MORE 
The Chase Freedom Unlimited card gives you an unlimited 1.5% cash back on all spending without category restrictions or caps. What’s great about Chase is it’s another credit card issuer that lets you prequalify for offers without a hard pull. Check out offers you may prequalify for here .
You can redeem cash back from your Chase Freedom Unlimited card at any time, and cash back never expires as long as you keep your account open. At times there is an intro APR deal or cash back bonus offer that add benefits to this card, and ongoing rates are sometimes lower than what you’d see on the QuicksilverOne.
Double cash back, no fee
Citi®Double Cash Card Annual fee $0 For First Year $0 Ongoing Cashback Rate 1% when you buy, 1% when you pay APR 14.49%-24.49% LEARN MORE 
The Citi Double Cash card is another good choice for low-maintenance cash back rewards. It gives double cash back on all purchases. You earn 1% cash back when you spend on the card and another 1% cash back when you pay off the bill.
This is a card that members report qualifying for with a credit score in the high 600s . Citi lets you shop for prequalified offers on the website as well. If you’re interested in this card, see if you can get prequalified here . In addition, there are changing intro APR deals for this card that allow you to save interest early on, and ongoing interest rates are sometimes lower than with the QuicksilverOne.
Bottom Line
The QuicksilverOne Rewards is a good rewards card for those with average credit. If you have had difficulty being approved for other higher cash back rewards cards, you may be approved for the QuicksilverOne Rewards, which offers unlimited 1.5% cash back. Be aware that this card comes with an annual fee and high APR, so make sure to do your research and see if this card is right for you.


How can I make the most of QuicksilverOne Rewards?

You should not keep a balance on this credit card to benefit from the cash back. The high APR is a large amount of interest to be paying on purchases. If the interest charges you experience on this card coupled with the annual fee surpass the cash back you earn, this card is pointless.

Does QuicksilverOne have any purchase restrictions?

No. You’re free and clear to spend money on anything, and it’ll earn 1.5% cash back. This is the beauty of an unlimited cash back card. However, cash advances and balance transfers will not qualify for cash back.

Is there a minimum redemption requirement?

No, you can redeem cash back for any amount at any time.

Does QuicksilverOne cash back expire?

No, cash back does not expire as long as your account remains open.

Can I do better than 1.5% on an unlimited cash back card?

You can, but not with average credit. The QuicksilverOne card is the best unlimited cash back card there is specifically targeting people with fair credit. Another option you have is working to improve your credit first before applying for a credit card to qualify for a card that gives you more cash back.

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