The Pros and Cons of Electric and Gas Lawn Mowers

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While I’m sitting near my office window enjoying the summer sunshine, I’m looking forward to getting out to enjoy my absolute   favorite summertime activity: mowing the lawn. … OK, that was sarcasm.
Much like with   snowblowers , I discovered that there are two directions you can go when purchasing a lawn mower. You can go the old-school method with the gas-powered mower, or you can go the more modern route and purchase an electric lawn mower.
If you’re in the   market for a home , don’t overlook the greener side of things. Before you run out and buy whichever version you think sounds best at the moment, take a second to consider the pros and cons of each type. Are you curious to see which mower will fit your needs? Read on to learn more.
Electric Lawn Mowers
Electric mowers come in two varieties: corded and cordless . I’m glad to hear that there’s a model out there that doesn’t plug into an outlet. Say what you will, but I would be paranoid of running the cord over with the mower and electrocuting myself.
Looking past my fear of electrocution, I discovered that electric lawn mowers offer some pretty great benefits:

No sparkplugs to change
No fuel filters to change
No oil to change
No gasoline to fiddle with
They may save money over time (check out  this graph   for more info)
They’re better for the environment
They’re quieter than traditional mowers

These are all some pretty great benefits, right? Well, before you run to the hardware store to scoop one up, think about a few of the drawbacks:

Corded models limit your mobility
Cordless models may not offer a lot of mowing time – some only last for an hour before they require changing
They may not handle thicker grass well
Watch for water when you mow
They tend to be more expensive than gas mowers

Gas Lawn Mowers
My parents had an old gas mower , and my dad was able to fix and maintain it. Because of this, it’s lasted a long time. Aside from longevity, gas-powered lawn mowers have a few other benefits:

They can cut through tougher grass with ease
There’s no cord to limit mobility
They have the ability to mow larger areas without waiting for a battery to charge
A little bit of gas goes a long way when mowing a lawn
They’re more durable than most electric mowers

What might make you think twice about buying a gas-powered mower? Consider a few of these points below:

Most gas mowers are heavier than electric mowers
They’re louder than electric mowers
They require regular engine maintenance
They have pull-start cords that can make it difficult to turn them on
They emit carbon monoxide and dioxide into the atmosphere

A gas lawn mower works well if you don’t mind a little maintenance. The extra power and mobility make it a great option, particularly if you   have a big yard . However, if you have a small lawn and aren’t comfortable working on engines, opting for an electric mower might be the best option for you. Also, remember to consider what works best with your budget and speak to an expert to answer any specific questions you might have.
If you’re buying a home, do you have a clear picture of what you want your dream yard to look like?  Contact a Home Loan Expert   today to stake a claim on your favorite patch of grass.

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