Experts Reveal the Top Home Decor Trends for 2018

Entering the new year, it’s a natural time to take a look at new trends, including those for your home.
Last year, greenery, minimalism and metallic statements were big, but what will lead the way in 2018? We talked with décor and design experts from across the country to see what they think will be trending in 2018.
Take a look at what they have to say and how you can incorporate that look in your home.
Outdoor Living Spaces
This one is a little harder to incorporate year-round, at least in some climates, but creating an outdoor living space can be very relaxing, which is part of the reason it’s becoming increasingly popular.
“As people improve their quality of life at home, they are expanding the living area outdoors as a space to enjoy time with family and a place to relax,” says Rhianna Miller, design expert and trend forecaster at Rubber Mulch , “Comfy furniture will be popular, as well as hammocks and hanging swings.”
When shopping for outdoor furniture, look for something that’s durable and won’t need as much maintenance. If you’re looking for wood furniture, opt for weather-resistant woods like cedar or teak. They also sell synthetic versions that look like wood or rattan furniture but are more weather resistant.

  Newhouse Lighting 25 ft. Outdoor String Lights
Worn Stripe Black and White Outdoor Rug
  Langley Street Arianna Teak Hardwood Outdoor Chairs

Unique Tiles
Image: Lowes
If you’re walking down the tile aisle at the home improvement store, you’re probably not going to find wood options. Wood is porous and holds water, which can cause the wood to rot or grow mildew. How cool would wood tiles look, though? Joanna Gaines , eat your heart out!
Lucky for you, they now make porcelain tiles that look like wood!
“Porcelain tile that looks like wood will be applied in showers, bathrooms, everywhere,” according to Gideon Lipnickas of New Concept 180 , “It’s not limited to traditional sizes and can create the look of hand-scraped wood.”

Tile that looks like wood isn’t the only unique tile you’ll see in 2018. Lipnickas predicts concrete will be trending in the next year. “Concrete floor and wall tiles will be popular. Concrete flooring is sustainable, durable and easy to take care of.”

Wood Look Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile
MS International Beton Concrete Floor and Wall Tile
3D Silver Aluminum Peel and Stick Wall Tile 

Bright Colors
Image: Anthropologie
For the last year or two, neutral colors have reigned supreme but in 2018, bold colors are having their moment.
Pantone announced ultra violet as its 2018 Color of the Year. It’s a striking purple that’s sure to stop people in their tracks.
“This kind of purple makes an impact even in small doses,” says Lipnickas, “Those who want an elegant look will have to be careful and use only a small amount of purple in their design.”
Ultra violet won’t be the only color in the spotlight, especially in the kitchen.
“White with tonal subtleties will always be a design staple, but clients are taking risks and doing so by incorporating colors never used before in their kitchen cabinetry,” according to Tina Ramchandani from Tina Ramchandani Creative .
She suggests trying this out with deeper colors like dark teal and black. “There’s much more risk-taking in regards to the kitchen than ever before,” says Ramchandani.

Perasima Dinner Plates
Claudia Printed Rug
Oh Joy! Patterned Stool

Hygge Decor
Image: Hygge Life Instagram
In contrast to bright, bold colors is the Hygge trend. Although it has no literal translation, Hygee is a Danish term that is often described in English as coziness or togetherness. It’s a concept of being, embraced by the Danish, that prioritizes intimate moments and camaraderie, even in their coldest of winters.
Designers have brought this concept into their design aesthetics, resulting in warm, cozy and traditionally homey spaces.
“Hygge has been on trend for the past few months and we will continue to see these styles in 2018,” predicts Ramchandani. She suggests creating that cozy feeling with warm lighting and quiet design that isn’t overpowering.
Wondering where to start with the Hygge trend? Try it out in your bedroom first.
“Being comfortable and cozy translates directly to the bedroom,” says Ramchandani. “Slight, low-cost modifications can achieve this transformation by purchasing warm, golden-toned light bulbs and freshening up your bedding. Chunky knit blankets and textured white duvet covers create an intimate and inviting atmosphere.”

Marisa Tipped Faux Fur Blanket
Little Book of Hygge
Scented Candle in Glass Holder

Big Statements
Image: Project Nursery
The new year is going to be one of statements! Statement doors, statements walls, statement wall art, even ceilings will have something to say in 2018.
A great source of inspiration is the Pinterest 100 , a list of 100 trends Pinterest is predicting for the next year based on searches they’ve seen increasing. This is significant because Pinterest is primarily used to plan for the future, so if people were searching – and saving as favorites – for these things in 2017, there’s a decent chance you’ll see it happening in 2018.
Colorful door saves increased by 121% last year. Red doors are a classic statement, but homeowners are now pushing boundaries with yellow, purple and even teal doors. They’re often pairing colorful doors with welcome messages on their doormat, too.
For ceilings, Pinterest is calling this the fifth wall. Statement ceilings increased in saves by 310%. Ideas like creating patterns with paint or adding wallpaper to the ceiling, will be popping up in homes throughout 2018.
What’s the home trend with the most increase in saves? It was big wall art.
Saves for statement-making wall pieces were up 637%. Everything from photos to art pieces are getting super-sized and taking up some space on those walls.

Oversized Wall Art
“Be Bold” Framed Print
Floral Wallpaper

Which home décor trends are you most excited about heading into 2018? Share your favorite in the comment section.

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